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Coby's world.. Welcome Cat walking
Cat Appropriate Site
If you're trapped in someone's frames click HERE to break out!

Magic Page My cat Jinky can read your mind. But don't take my word for it, visit Jinky's Interactive Magic page.
Coby's Joke page If you want to laugh, visit our Joke Page. It contains great one-liners, zingers, funny quotes, and more. Got any good jokes? Use the form on this page to submit them to us.
Ever Wonder About.... Perplexing Questions, ever wonder why..... Dog chasing cat

View and Sign my guestbook Please sign my Guest Book. You can also
my guest book and see what other people wrote.

Animated Gifs Visit here for some great Animated Gifs. There are even some originals made by Coby herself. Coby's World is an AGAG approved archive site.

Cat Quotes Visit here to view a great collection of Cat Quotes.

Cat Humor Everyone knows that I love cats. Visit here to view Cat Humor. Cat chasing dog

Cat Sounds Cat Sounds contain mid and wav files having something to do with cats.

Cat Puzzle Try your skill at this Cat Puzzle.
To create your own puzzles visit PORT80

Coby's Frequently Asked Questions These are Coby's FAQ's, frequently asked questions that people ask me about my name. Uses Java.

Mid Music Selection Musac to surf by. A good sounding collection of Mid Music.

Some Great JavaScripts Some great JavaScripts. Like the Text Scroll used above.

Custom Backgrounds Check out these great Backgrounds A collection along with some custom made backgrounds of different things like, musical backgrounds, cat backgrounds, note pads, and more.

MillBasin Web Site Visit the Unofficial Mill Basin, Bergen Beach, Brooklyn Web Site. My brother Nathan who is the owner of Gemini Carpet said I needed a link to this great site. If your from our old neighborhood, please visit and sign the guest book.

Roxanne's Highway, check it out For all you Tom Petty fans, visit my very good friend at Roxanne's Highway. Send her email and tell her Coby sent you.

Tribune Company The Chicago Tribune This is a great place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there. Its also one of my favorite newspapers.

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